Rewiring the Brain

Freedom from Addiction

We have so much fun at my center working with brain plasticity.

Sometimes we develop enslaving habits. Habits that control us and seem to rob us from our freedom. Habits we feel we can't seem to break free from.

The brain is the control center that creates, ignites and directs our emotions, sensations and automatic habits. Working with brain plasticity enables us to disconnect negative, sabotaging habits and reconnect healthier, positive alternatives. 

I can't begin to share how exhilarating it is for us to go from the debilitating despair of the all-consuming craving that enslaves our mind into a downward spiral of self-sabotate, guilt, pain, shame and blame, to the absolute liberation and victory of finally releasing it. 

When, presented with the very object of the longing we couldn't shake, we typically respond with a look of utter disgust and say: "Oh please, get this away from me, it's digusting!" This, my friends, is freedom. The freedom of reclaiming our truth. 

Your mind controls everything. Control your mind, control everything.

© Genvièv Martin-Bernard

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