Clinical Case Files - Exam Anxiety


In the spring of this year, a bright young woman came to seek my help for severe exam anxiety.  Considering she had a four-hour round-trip drive to get to me, we conducted a single session, six months prior to her exam, to uncover, shift and release the root cause responsible for her unexplained anxiety.

Clinical Hypnosis in Portland Oregon

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Forensic Investigative Techniques


A crime-fighting tool often kept under the radar, forensic hypnosis refers to the application of hypnosis in civil and criminal investigations to enhance the recall of pertinent details among victims and witnesses.

When law enforcement officials need victims or witnesses to relay information from a crime scene, their memories are not always as helpful as they would like them to be. Stress, fear and trauma can affect the normal functioning of our memory in a number of ways. 

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Forensic Files - Marion County Aggravated Assault


In helping crime victims and witnesses recover both their emotional balance and memories, forensic hypnosis provides law enforcement with vital information and leads allowing them to bring resolution to their unsolved cases.

Forensic Hypnosis in Portland Oregon

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Anatomy of the Broken Heart


Our relationships with others weave the fabric of our existence and constitute the mosaic of our life. In sharing our experience with loved ones, we find warmth, joy, support, companionship and often purpose and direction. Our connectedness with others connects us to the essence of life itself. We have a natural tendency to turn to others to receive information and validation about ourselves.

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Afraid of Hypnosis


As clinical hypnotherapists, we work in close cooperation with the medical field.  Doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers and therapists refer to us patients whose conditions prove resistant to traditional treatments.

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Diving into the Unsolved Mysteries of the Mind


Hypnosis in Portland OregonThe nature of our work, as clinical hypnotherapists, consists in diving into the unsolved mysteries of the mind. Because our field is still not fully known and understood, people often come to see us as a last resort.

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Understanding Peritraumatic Dissociation


Dissociation is the normal response of our central nervous system when we are faced with intense physical harm, fear or terror we are unable to avoid, escape or shield ourselves from. In a state of dissociation, we undergo a partial or complete disruption of the normal integration of our conscious and psychological functioning. We can no longer feel physical pain, shed tears, access or express emotions, communicate or interact with others. We become disconnected from our physical bodies and emotions.

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Weight Loss and the Subconscious Mind


We are often asked how hypnosis works with lifelong issues like weight mastery.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Portland Oregon

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Communicating with the Subconscious Mind


Learning how to communicate with the subconscious part of our mind requires a clear understanding of the differences between the conscious and subconscious operating modes. The conscious mind is the critical and analytical part of our mind: it thinks, reasons, evaluates and takes decisions accordingly. It is slow to react, only capable of performing one activity at a time, controls less than 5% of our body functions and stores our short-term memories only.

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The Alchemy of Adversity


Adversity is an alchemy that permanently transforms the composition of the organisms it permeates. Clinical studies in humans and monkeys have clearly demonstrated that adversity experienced early in life can have profoundly negative consequences for later development and health, eventually resulting in pathology, illness or disease.

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